Fortinet web filter setup for a reef

fortinet web filter setup for a reef

FortinetMarine Corps Communication and Electronics School Lead, design/architect, configuration, deployment, and administration of all Network devices. By continuing to use this site you are accepting the use of these cookies. To learn more about our use of cookies and how to set and. I want to combine student access into one appliance ( users) and need to be able to allow/deny specific sites based upon time of day etc. I. CREATE FTP DIRECTORY FILEZILLA WINDOWS 10 Fortinet web filter setup for a reef splashtop over


Select A pp l y or O K , depending on whether you are editing or creating a new profile. In older versions of FortiOS there was a character limitation for the URL of bytes or approximately characters. Starting in version 5 of the firmware the parsed URL has been increase to 4Kilobytes, effectively doubling the length of a URL capable of being categorized. Go to the E d i t Web Filter Profile window.

The category groups are listed in a widget. You can expand each category group to view and configure every sub- category individually within the groups. If you change the setting of a category group, all categories within the group inherit the change.

Select the category groups and categories to which you want to apply an action. Enable E n f o r c e Quota to activate the quota for the selected categories and category groups. Select H ou r s , M i nu t es , or S ec ond s and enter the number of hours, minutes, or seconds. This is the daily quota allowance for each user. Apply the web filter profile to an identity-based security policy.

All the users subject to that policy are restricted by the quotas. If you look at your logs carefully, you may notice that not every URL connection in the log shows a category. They are left blank. The reason for this is that to optimize speed throughput and reduce the load on the FortiGuard servers the FortiGate does not determine a category rating on scripts and css files. C on f i gu r i n g FortiGuard Category Quotas. Verify that the categories that need to have quotas on them are set to one of the actions:.

Select the blue triange expand symbol to show the widget for Quotas. At the bottom of the widget, select H ou r s , M i nu t es , or S ec ond s and enter the number of hours, minutes, or seconds. Select A pp l y or OK. C on f i gu r e Allowed Blocked Overrides. Enable A ll o w Blocked Override.

In the Apply to Group s field select the desired U se r Group. C on f i gu r e Search Engine Section. Enable S a f e Search. T o enable the web content filter and set the content block threshold. Select C r ea t e New. Select the P a tt e r n Type. Enter the content P a tt e r n. Enter the L a ngu a g e from the dropdown menu. Select O K. C on f i gu r e Rating Options.

A ll o w Websites When a Rating error Occurs. C on f i gu r e Proxy Options. Use the C r ea t e New link within the widget to add the appropriate Google domains that will be allowed. The command is only visible when the action for the entry in the URL filter is set to either allow or monitor.

If a header field exists when your FortiGate receives the request, its content will be modified based on the configurations in the URL filter. R e m o v e Java Applet Filter. R e m o v e ActiveX Filter. R e m o v e Cookie Filter. Web filtering is particularly important for protecting school-aged children. There are legal issues associated with improper web filtering as well as a moral responsibility not to allow children to view inappropriate material.

The key is to design a web filtering system in such a way that students and staff do not fall under the same web filter profile in the FortiGate configuration. This is important because the staff may need to access websites that are off-limits to the students. The background for this scenario is a school district with more than students and faculty and staff in a preschool, three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and a continuing education center.

Each elementary school has a computer lab and the high school has three computer labs with connections to the Internet. Such easy access to the Internet ensures that every student touches a computer every day. With such a diverse group of Internet users, it was not possible for the school district to set different Internet access levels.

This meant that faculty and staff were unable to view websites that the school district had blocked. A proxy server acts as a go-between for users seeking to view web pages from another server. If the proxy server has not been blocked by the school district, the students can access the blocked website.

When determining what websites are appropriate for each school, the district examined a number of factors, such as community standards and different needs of each school based on the age of the students. The district decided to configure the FortiGate web filtering options to block content of an inappropriate nature and to allow each individual school to modify the options to suit the age of the students.

In this simplified example of the scenario, the district wants to block any websites with the word exa m p l e on them, as well as the website www. The first task is to create web content filter lists for the students and the teachers. C r ea t e a Webfilter for the students. For the T y p e field, select Wildcard iii. For the A c t i o n field, select Block iv. For the S t a t u s field, check enable v.

For the P a tt e r n Type field, select. For the L a ngu a g e field, choose Western. For the S t a t u s field, check Enable. C r ea t e a Webfilter for the Teachers. It might be more efficient if the Teacher Web Content List included the same blocked content as the student list. From time to time a teacher might have to view a blocked page.

It would then be a matter of changing the A c t i o n from B l o c k to A ll o w as the situation required. Enable W e b Filter. Select S t ud e n t s from the web filter drop-down list. Select T eac h e r s from the web filter drop-down list. HI, regarding web content filtering option, I can set the score of each type of banned word… but how can I set the thresold score for web page?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If a website block cause is unclear, review the logs. See On-fabric Detection Rules. Log all URLs. After this option is enabled, the user must open the browser to approve installing the new plugin. Use the web browser plugin for only user-initiated traffic.

This allows for faster processing. When this option is disabled, the plugin checks all URL requests. This setting affects the content that endpoint users can access via YouTube and search engine, including Google and Bing. Enabling Safe Search adds records to the client device's hosts file in order to redirect search engine requests.

Enable site categories from FortiGuard. When you disable site categories, the exclusion list protects FortiClient. See the FortiGuard website for descriptions of the available categories and subcategories. For all categories, you can configure an action for the entire site category by selecting one of the following:.

The following lists each site category's subcategories. If the rating determined by the domain name and the rating determined by the IP address differ, a weighting assigned to the different categories determines the action that FortiClient enforces. The higher weighted category takes precedence in determining the action.

This has the side effect that sometimes the Action is determined by the classification based on the domain name and other times it is determined by the classification that is based on the IP address. This can sometimes cause FortiClient to allow access to sites that should be blocked, or to block sites that should be allowed. An example of how this works is if a URL's rating based on the domain name indicates that it belongs in the category Lingerie and Swimsuit, which is allowed but the category assigned to the IP address was Pornography which has an action of Block, because the Pornography category has a higher weight, the effective action is Block.

Configure the action to take with all websites when FortiGuard is temporarily unavailable. This may occur when an endpoint is forced to access a network via a captive portal. FortiClient takes the configured action until contact is reestablished with FortiGuard. Available options are:.

Configure the FortiGuard server location. If FortiGuard is selected for the Server field, you can select from global or U. Use rating categories from FortiGuard to allow, block, or monitor searches for certain terms. This feature is only available for Chromebooks. Enable to configure actions block or monitor to take when the user searches for terms that belong to the following categories:.

Configure actions for individual terms. You can remove a term from the Custom Banned Word list by selecting the checkbox beside the term, then clicking the Remove Word button. The custom term may belong to a category under Banned Word Search. Enter specific URLs to allow, block, or monitor.

You can provide the full URL or only the domain name. Enter a specific referrer or host to allow, block, or monitor. If the end user visits the URL through the referrer provided, EMS considers the rule a match and applies the specified action. If the end user visits the URL directly or through a different referrer, EMS does not consider the rule a match and does not apply the specified action.

If multiple exclusion rules are applicable, EMS applies the first applicable exclusion rule. FortiClient can block webpages outside of web filtering.

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fortinet web filter setup for a reef

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